As a BS/MD applicant, you’re tasked with convincing admissions officers that you are 100% committed to medicine at age 17 or 18, and thus, you must be even more thorough with the BS/MD application process. To guide you through all steps of this unique process, our BS/MD package includes help with preparing college lists, organizing your college applications, and optimizing the limited space on the applications to present yourself in the best possible light. In addition, this all-encompassing service provides 3 revisions on your CommonApp personal statement, 3 revisions on each of 3 supplements of your choice, and 3 revisions on each of 3 BS/MD supplements of your choice.
Services Included:
• College admissions organization & preparing college lists
• CommonApp Personal Statement Editing - 3 rounds of revision
• College Supplement Editing - 3 essays with 3 rounds of revision each
• BS/MD Supplement Editing -  3 essays with 3 rounds of revision 
• 7 individualized brainstorming sessions, 1 for each essay
• 4 individualized college advising sessions, 1 hour each

Limited Time Offer: $800
(33% discount from original price of $1200)
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